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Limited Editions and prints are available for many of the works of art.
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11×17 prints are available for most of the images for $25. Including shipping.

Rhythms of a Faithful Journey

The Faithful Journey

$25. 00 (includes shipping and signed copy)

This 64-page book relates the African American Journey in art, verse and prose. Visual rhythms flow through the mixed media collage quilts and paintings, while events and litanies of prayer reveal the faithful truths of black life in America. By traveling from the slave castles of Ghana, to the cotton fields and along the lynching roads of the South, to the March on Washington, to finally reach an oval office in a huge White House, the reader fully grasps the triumphant significance of the first African American President of the United States.

 Who Do You Say That I Am – A Man Called Jesus

Who Do You Say That I Am – A Man Called Jesus

$20. 00 (includes shipping and signed copy)
This 36-page book begins with a poem that invites one to Jesus. There are the 3 sections like in the collection with simple statements.  Then the book ends with an adult Bible Study. See Book Cover.