Remembering John L. Reed

A griot is a West African storyteller, singer, musician, and oral historian. They train to excel as orators, lyricists and musicians. The griot keeps records of all the births, deaths, marriages through the generations of the village or family. However, John was that and much more.  The quilt I created has so many of the organizations that John was affiliated with.

    • First African American Teacher at Barnstable High School (History) (30+ years)
    • President of the NAACP 9 Cape Cod Section
    • President/Director of Zion Union Heritage Museum
    • Leader of the NAACP – Imani group for young people
    • NEA – National Education
    • MTA Massachusetts Teacher Association
    • Human Rights Academy
    • SNCC – Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
    • Hyannis Rotary

    The Griot of Barnstable

    by  Robin Joyce Miller

    In the Village
    The village of Barnstable
    Was a Man
    Highly Respected
    Known to Many
    Spoke to Many
    Sharing the History
    Sharing the Knowledge
    Black Culture
    Family Stories
    Passing his Pearls
    His Pearls of wisdom
    Passing the Torch
    Leading the Way
    For the generations to follow
    That Would be John – John L. Reed
    The Griot of Barnstable