Traveling Exhibits

The following collections are available to travel to your college, school, museum, library, church or other institution.

Title: Rhythms of a Faithful Journey – Verses from Slavery to Presidency

This exhibit consists of 16 mixed media collage quilts illustrating African American History events/periods accompanying poetry. This collection is in the book with the same title. The framed works are approximately 35 x 46.

Title: The Faithful Journey – From Slavery to Presidency

This exhibit and slideshow consists of 28 mixed media collage quilts on canvas illustrating African American History that includes a narrative describing the events. The works are 12 x 16.

Title: Who Do You Say That I Am? – A Man Called Jesus
The Ethiopian Jesus Collection

This exhibit consists of 23 mixed media collage quilts depicting the story of Jesus.  The work is divided into 3 parts:  Life events,  (7) miracles, and “I Am” statements.

Title: Langston and His People

This exhibit consists of illustrations of his poetry. The slideshow includes recitations of Hughes’ poems accompanied by the art of Robin J. Miller.

Title: Title: A Humble Village

This exhibit consists of 12 mixed media collage quilts on canvas depicting the life in a Ugandan village. The slideshow is the book and background of the story with photographs of Ugandan children.

Slideshow Presentations

Robin and her co-author/poet husband, James, conduct several presentations a year.

1. Restoring My African Soul (Grades 4 – adult)
This slideshow depicts an artist’s struggle from black shame to African American pride through art and poetry. It includes slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, and Racial Harmony.


– This can also include a short poetry slideshow introducing the topic of White Privilege. The poem is entitled Never Had The Privilege.

2. Rhythms of a Faithful Journey (Grades 4 – adult)
This slideshow takes the viewer through poetic and artistic journey from slavery to presidency. This slideshow presents most of the work in the book.
3. The Faithful Journey(Grades 4 – adult)
This slideshow takes the viewer on a pictorial and chronological journey of African American history from slavery to presidency (prose, not poetry).
4. They Came To Harlem – A Renaissance Story (Grades 4 - adult)
This slideshow takes the students on a journey from the Great Migration to the Harlem Renaissance. Students will view RJ Miller’s art depicting the Harlem Renaissance and listen to a poem by Langston Hughes.



5. A Langston Hughes America (Grades 4 – adult)
This slideshow reflects African American life through the poetry of Langston Hughes and the art of Robin J. Miller.
6. A Humble Village (Ages 3 – Grade 3)
This slideshow includes the text and colorful illustrations of the book, A Humble Village. Students will learn about life in a Ugandan village. Students will also view photographs of the actual Humble Place Project including Ugandan children on a typical day. (Shorter version for ages 3-5yrs)
7. The Scribble Kids Honor Dr. MLK (Grades 2 -4)
This slideshow visits Scribbledale Elementary School where Mrs. Miller’s class is honoring Dr. King by creating a bulletin board of his life, marching through the halls with peace signs, make a peace quilt, write a peace poem, then perform it.



8. Jazz in the Art Class (Grades 4 – 12)

This slideshow explores the jazz-related work of master artists including Faith Ringgold, Henri Matisse, William H. Johnson, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Romare Bearden. Visual imagery, poetry and a jazz performance on film create an exciting experience for students.